Hot Springs

Tango/Okuine Hot Springs

The naturally dug, clear, colorless sodium hydrogen carbonate spring gushes forth from right under the inn is plenteous in supply and has excellent ingredients and spring quality.
It makes your skin smooth and is effective for healing nerve pain, muscle aches, illnesses, and injuries.
Have a relaxing time gazing at the sea in front of you and the starry sky while listening to the sound of the wind and waves.


Bath Hours and Amenities

[Bath hours] 3:00 p.m. -9:00 a.m. next morning (bathe as many times as you like during your stay)
[Amenities available in bathroom] Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, dryer
(Bring the towel from your room.)
There are separate communal and open-air hot spring baths for men and women.
There is also a sauna room.


Hot Springs

Hot water that gushes forth from the earth with a source temperature of 25 degrees celsius or more or that contains specific minerals. The benefits vary depending on the components, but generally speaking, hot springs are said to relieve fatigue and heal illnesses and injuries.

[Precautions for Bathing in Hot Springs]
-Wash your body outside the bathtub before getting in.
-Do not put towels into the bathtub.
-The hot springs are slippery, so watch your step.