Enjoy Japanese kaiseki cuisine made from fresh seafood straight from the Ine fishing port and picked out by the head chef himself. Experience the culmination of Japanese, Kyoto and Ine cuisine incorporating fresh, seasonal, locally caught seafood and local vegetables at your table. We recommend Tango tilefish in the spring, Japanese oysters in the summer, rockfish in the autumn, and crab, yellowtail, and pufferfish in the winter. Crab is a famous, winter-only treat in the Tango area of Kyoto. There are two crab courses: one with choice, yet low-priced frozen crab and one with crab that is alive right until it is cooked. The town of Ine is one of Japan's three major yellowtail fishing grounds, so one of our specialties is yellowtail cuisine. The yellowtail of Ine are firm-fleshed, having been raised in the extremely cold Sea of Japan, so it is superb as sashimi or boiled.

Kaiseki Cuisine

Seasonal Kaiseki Cuisine

Enjoy sumptuous seasonal flavors prepared by a chef thoroughly familiar with the fish of Ine, a town of funaya houses where people live their lives close to the sea. It is a full course Japanese meal combining sashimi, tempura and soup made from seasonal ingredients. Not only is there emphasis on the flavor of the ingredients but also the setouts and serving dishes, so even your eyes can enjoy the sense of the season with what could be called a work of food art. A typical Japanese breakfast is served consisting of freshly cooked rice, miso soup, seasonal dried fish, eggs, pickled vegetables, and other items.

Savor Seasonal Flavor: Experience the Real Thing

Meals (both breakfast and dinner) are served in the restaurant (tatami mats). There is also limited table seating. The menu varies depending on the season and what is available, with emphasis being placed on freshness and seasonal ingredients. If you have allergies or foods you don't like, let us know in advance, and we'll change or make adjustments to the ingredients or method of preparation.